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  • DaNita M. , iYa Taekwondo Testimonials

    We've been with iYa TKD for about 15 months, and my daughter loves it ! As a parent, I've enjoyed seeing my daughter gain confidence and not be so shy anymore ! It's wonderful to see how well her teacher (Ms. Xai) takes her time to teach life lessons, and lead by example, all while giving positive feedback to the students. The staff is very friendly, and the SWAT team is very involved...This is a great organization- I would recommend it to everyone !

    DaNita M.
  • Kamesha M. , iYa Taekwondo Testimonials

    There are no words to express the positive impact iYa Taekwondo has had on my sons life. The values they instill are life changing! Because of the character building trait's they have taught my son he now has endless opportunities for success. Thank you Ms.Xai!#iYarocks

    Kamesha M.
  • Kristi M. , iYa Taekwondo Testimonials

    Ms. Xai is amazing with kids and adults alike. Iya teaches respect, self control and self defense. They build confidence and strength with really fun activities!

    Kristi M.
  • Gary O. , iYa Taekwondo Testimonials

    This is a great place to learn TKD. The instructors and students are outstanding. There is not a better group of people to be with.

    Gary O.
  • Salveshni K. , iYa Taekwondo Testimonials

    My daughter absolutely luvs iYa. She looks forward to her classes. Teacher and superiors are wonderful.

    Salveshni K.
  • Erica G. , iYa Taekwondo Testimonials

    This is a great school. I look forward to seeing my kids grow with the instructors. Can't to see them get the next belt..

    Erica G.
  • Yaj B. , iYa Taekwondo Testimonials

    Great environment n your kids will love it! My 5 year old enjoys it at I-Ya!!!!

    Yaj B.
  • Matthew P. , iYa Taekwondo Testimonials

    Amazing place!

    Matthew P.


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