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iYa Zumba Classes Are The Most Exciting Workout In Sacramento

Like to dance? Want to get fit? Then Zumba classes are for you. These high-energy, dance fitness classes are hands down the most fun you can have while working out. At iYa Taekwondo, you'll shed hundreds of calories in just one session while building and toning muscles across your entire body.

And the best part is, you're dancing and having fun the whole time. It doesn't even feel like a workout! 

Zumba Classes at iYa help you:

  • Maintain an increased heart rate for serious fat burning
  • Master simple movements that will tone targeted areas of your body
  • Stay constantly moving for continuous cardiovascular exercise
  • AND walk away with some killer dance moves! 

iYa Zumba Classes Are For All Ages And Experience Levels

At iYa Taekwondo, we don't care if you've never danced a day in your life. Our Zumba Classes are for everyone, regardless of age or experience level. We're here to support each other through our fitness journeys and we aim to make each and every client as comfortable as possible as they build a fitter, stronger, more confident body.

After just a few Zumba Classes, you'll enjoy:

  • Stronger core and lower body muscles
  • Toned arms and buns  
  • More self-confidence
  • More energy during the day
  • More restful sleep at night

Designed For The VERY Best Results

Zumba routines are built around the idea that with constant movement and repetition through dance moves, you can push your body to do things static workouts just can't. iYa Zumba classes will leave you dead tired at the end of the hour while you think 'Let's do it again!' 

Zumba is built for real fun and real results. We can promise you'll experience both at iYa Taekwondo.

Started Your Zumba Training Today

We're constantly adding clients to our Zumba Classes at iYa Taekwondo and we can't wait for you to join the fun. For more information or to get started today, simply fill out the form on your screen and a member of our staff will be in touch soon!



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