Why Should You Join?

Judo offers athletes a total body workout that few disciplines can. From repetition training designed to help you master the technique, to full on sparring where you can apply what you've learned, you'll burn hundreds of calories and build lean muscle in parts of your body that traditional training simply can't.

Join us at iYa Taekwondo for the best Judo Classes in Sacramento. We'll help you get fit and build serious strength while you enjoy the process of learning in a community environment. To get started or to request more information, simply fill out the form on your screen NOW!

  • Interact in a positive and empowering environment
  • Workout with peers the same age
  • Improved flexibility, balance & strength
  • Increase self esteem & body image
  • Opportunity for stress release
  • Motivating and challenging instructors

Get 2 Weeks of Classes for only $19.95