Why Should You Join?

Zumba is built for real fun and real results. We can promise you'll experience both at iYa Taekwondo.
Zumba routines are built around the idea that with constant movement and repetition through dance moves, you can push your body to do things static workouts just can't. iYa Zumba classes will leave you dead tired at the end of the hour while you think 'Let's do it again!'

Started Your Zumba Training Today!
We're constantly adding clients to our Zumba Classes at iYa Taekwondo and we can't wait for you to join the fun. For more information or to get started today, simply fill out the form on your screen and a member of our staff will be in touch soon!

  • Interact in a positive and empowering environment
  • Workout with peers the same age
  • Improved flexibility, balance & strength
  • Increase self esteem & body image
  • Opportunity for stress release
  • Motivating and challenging instructors

Get 2 Weeks of Classes for only $19.95